Lots of firms do great work.  

We just do it better.

Case Study:
Creating a Digital Strategy that Makes Sense

One of our clients is in the retail space and was suffering year over year declines in orders from their web site.  When we were engaged, we were immediately able to realign their digital acquisition plan in a framework that always started with the highest ROI channels and then scaled from there.  Search, Display, and Affiliate Management were all channels that were manuevered to make continual impact.  As a result, sales are up 850% year over year and revenue has hit $20 million for the first time ever in a year.

Case Study: 
Correlating TV Watching to Buyer Activation

The case study may have a lot of buzzwords in it, but it is perhaps one of the most important facets of an integrated media campaign.  How does offline affect online?   Can I align my buying to a more targeted audience that will convert.  One of our clients is a major CPG firm that could not connect the dots between their television campaigns to online activity.  We proactively realigned their analytics and buying demographics and tied it to search and display activity and 

Case Study:
Help Me Find My New Agency!


As we our also strategic advisors, we can help you find an agency partner that fits your needs as well.  We consult with many different types of agencies and they all bring a unique perspective to a client that needs to be examined.  One of our Clients was a regional restaurant group needed help in finding an agency to manage their digital and social needs and Pershing Management helped create and monitor the Request for Proposals that were sent to agencies and then hand in hand with the client we reviewed the responses both in writing and presentations to determine the proper agency selected for the Client.