Social Media Strategy & Execution

Social media is perhaps one of the most exciting and yet one of the most challenging media channels to master.  We find our clients challenged in even the original alignment of how social media should fit in with their marketing strategies.  


Is Social Media more like search, display, or video?  Well, the answer to us is quite simple:  social media is social.  This means that each strategic execution needs to be aligned in that this medium is meant to engage, test, share, and engage and not simply exist.  Too often we find our clients are blasting messaging expecting to see results and often feel disappointed.  


That is why we have a dedicated social media practice as we feel that social media is something that needs continued refinement and measurement.  Gone are the days of simply posting something to your Facebook network and hoping that the returns pile in.  


This is why we custom-tailor a social strategy and execution plan that fits your unique needs that is aligned with the proper channel plan on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube.  


If you are confused on your social media plan, you are not alone.  Let us help you with your strategic and tactical framework to make social truly work for you, not just "post."


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