Programmatic Media Buying

A simple and yet predicted statement of programmatic media is here, which is that all media channels are turning programmatic.  


While that may be scary to some, Pershing Strategy Group believes it is this core understanding that allows us to be more sophisticated for our clients.  


The philosophy of our media practice center around agnostic solutions that answer the following strategic parameters:


  • Who is your target audience(s)?

  • Can they be found accurately in Programmatic Media?

  • What programmatic technologies would be used that will drive the most business results?

  • What are the measurements of success?   

  • How do we align an attribution plan so that you can see the full funnel of your advertising that is driving to a business impact? 


Also, we want to clear here, we are a fully transparent practice.   This means that each buy is fully accountable.  You will see every dollar spent and it's rate.  This is a mandatory aspect of our relationship with you as the client as you understand the true value of your programmatic efforts.


Contact us to learn more about our programmatic media capabilities.