Mergers & Acquisition Services

According to a Harvard Business Review Study, "three-quarters of digital executives said that digital disruption has had a relatively large impact or even requires a complete overhaul of their M&A strategy. However, only 11% described themselves as being either “mature” or “advanced” on the learning curve.


How could that be?   The simplest answer is that in an industry that has been predicated on hype, IPO's, and innovation, often we find that most transactions are not fully vetted across the right criteria.  There is a big difference in the answer to "what do we need today" versus "what is going to propel our business forward."  


Pershing Strategy Group focuses on the latter, bringing valuable experience and insight into the world of mergers and acquisitions.  In our past, we have been in both roles of leading acquisitions of other firms as well as the ones being acquired and we can bring all of that experience to work for you and provide the necessary guidance to make the most of these very crucial assets and will tailor an approach to help every step of the way.


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