Key ​Differentiation for Pershing Strategy Group

Today's ad agency space is a mess.  Pure and simple. 


But yet, we love it.  We love being able to serve our clients and drive business results.  


This is why we started Pershing Strategy Group in the first place.  We do not believe it is about being the biggest, we believe in being the best.  This may sound like cheap talk, but nowhere is this more evident than how we will approach your business.

Please see just some examples of our key differentiation:

  • We are predicated on finding answers and producing results, not adding needless fees to our work:
    The reality is that there has been gross mismanagement across large agencies and how they charge for their services.  We will tailor an approach that is project-based and cost-effective for you and your goals.  We do not believe in upselling our Client's needless services and focus our efforts on what is going to drive business impact.

  • We are people-centric whether you are a Client or an employee:  
    That is not lip service.  We believe that our Clients are essential for our survival and our employees are the driving force behind that.   In an industry that has countless reorganizations, mass firings, and in general no loyalty, we are proud to say that our people-centric approach is what produces results for our Clients and drives happiness from our teammates.   


  • We price correctly and are transparent:
    We treat every client dollar like it is ours because it essentially is.  If we do not drive the results and strategic impact you desire, we get fired.  We get that.  We always will price correctly that is fair and equitable for you and ourselves.  


  • We will ask for feedback:
    Any client/agency relationship is predicated on authenticity, trust, and shared goals.  To that end, we believe in continual communication behind us.  Whether is regularly scheduled calls or face-to-face meetings, it is important to ensure that we are in constant communication so we can share our learning and goals successfully.